Home Made Dog Stand

I found a great DIY dog stand project on the RTF – Retriever Training Forum   www.retrievertraining.net that is a great way to save some bucks given that the commercial stands run between $170-$200 retail.

I had previously made my own out of electrical conduit & plywood but it was clumsy and not as functional as this great design below:

Here is the Cheap route……

(4) 2″ PVC Tees cut in half at an angle
(1) 8″ stick of 2″ PVC pipe cut into (4) 2′ sections
(1) 2′ X 2′ piece of 3/4″ marine grade plywood
(1) 3′ X 3′ piece of brown AstroTurf
(1) 3′ X 3′ piece of camo fabric
(8) sets of 1/4″ X 3″ carriage bolts complete with cut washers and lock nuts
(1) rattle can of flat black paint
(1)quart of Thompson’s water seal

*Cut legs to 2′ sections and drill 1/4″ holes every 6″ down

*Cut Tees at angle so that the legs angle outward and not straight down, for the best support

*Place cut tees onto platform near the corners and position so that the tees are just below a corner of the platform and drill 1/4″ hole from the top of tees all the way thru the deck and attach with hardware.

*soak the everliving heII out of plywood with the Thompsons

*once dry, wrap AstroTurf around the plywood, keeping it taunt and use staple gun to fasten it to plywood. Cover AstroTurf with camo material

*Install legs into tees and paint with the flat black spray paint

Takes about all of an hour and cost is about $35 (I have several set of legs cut to different lengths depending upon the conditions of different spots.)

Long Legs

Short Legs

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